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Although rarely thought of, one of the most important factors for your continued oral health is saliva. Your saliva neutralises acid, which is produced when food and drinks react with bacteria in your mouth. Containing natural antibacterial properties, saliva forms a protective barrier for your tooth enamel and gums, it can also repair the very early stage of tooth decay by delivering calcium, phosphate and fluoride to the tooth surface.
A lack of saliva or poor quality saliva can make your teeth more susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up, decay and the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease. It can also be the cause of constant bad breath (halitosis).
Saliva testing is an examination that the Align Dental team can use to assist in preventive care treatment planning.
Understanding your salivary characteristics can provide the Align Dental team with valuable information to determine the most suitable treatment choices and strategies.
Saliva buffer tests:

  • Measure and assess your possible caries risk factor based on your saliva condition.
  • Test hydration, saliva consistency, resting saliva PH (when not chewing),stimulated saliva PH and saliva buffering capacity (when chewing)
  • Are a tool for developing preventive care strategies.

Carbohydrates and acidic foods amplify dental plaque, which is related to both the initiation and the progression of dental caries. Once saliva problems are identified, our dental team can recommend a course of preventive care which will include supplements (like fluoride), lifestyle changes (increase water intake, decrease diuretic intake-caffeine, alcohol, etc.), an increase in saliva stimulation (chewing gum and low acid foods), altering your oral hygiene routine (increase frequency and improve brushing and flossing methods).
If you experience dry mouth, or have constant bad breath, you should schedule an appointment with Align Dental for an assessment on the effectiveness and quality of your saliva.

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