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Crowns are a very effective way of restoring teeth back to full function and natural appearance.Crowns strengthen teeth that are heavily filled,weakened,cracked or darkened following root canal therapy.Although used extensively for reconstructive purposes,crowns are also a fabulous cosmetic procedure that enables the achievement of a beautiful smile.A crown is also the final phase restoration after the placement of a dental implant. 

Receiving a crown will often require two appointment visits and involves meticulous preparation and planning to ensure the  final restoration is natural in appearance and long lasting.

At the first appointment the tooth is prepared and a detailed impression mould is made.The permanent porcelain crown is  then fabricated in a dental laboratory to a precise shape and shade match,which generally takes one  - two weeks.During this time a provisional crown is placed so you can retain your full smile and function.At the second appointment the provisional crown is removed and the permanent crown secured and polished to a tooth like appearance.

With all porcelain crowns the distinctive dark metal line or ‘blue halo’ of old style crowns has been eliminated.Porcelain crowns that are metal free are so natural looking they mimic real teeth.

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