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Orthodontics is the treatment of problems associated with the alignment of the teeth and jaws (known as malocclusion). Teeth become crooked (malaligned)if the jaws grow incorrectly. The most common causes of incorrect jaw growth are airway problems such as enlarged tonsils and adenoids.asthma,allergies,as well as habitual problems such as  thumb sucking. This incorrect growth can also have subsequent affects on body posture, sleep and health.Our philosophy is to develop the jaws to accommodate the teeth. Subsequently extraction of teeth is minimised. By  using a combination of functional orthopaedic appliances and braces, space is created for the teeth allowing them to be moved into the desired position.

Commencing interceptive orthodontics at a young age has a positive outcome on the development of a child’s face. Well developed jaws, a balanced bite and healthy temporomandibular (jaw) joints are important in the overall health of your body through life.

Correctly aligned teeth and jaws are vital whatever your age to protect against tooth loss and gum disease along with enhancing your smile. Airway problems such as snoring, bed wetting, headaches, neck and back pain may also be prevented with orthodontic care. Cosmetically an attractive smile is important for self confidence and self esteem.

Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere from several months to several years to achieve the desired result, depending on the severity of the problem and the age of the individual.

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