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Careful and detailed diagnostic study and testing is required to determine the precise source of any craniofacial pain  problem. Our  evaluation process will include    

  1. Detailed medical and dental history.
    A comprehensive medical history must be documented including all previous medical and dental problems and treatment, any history of trauma especially to the head and neck regions, a series of questions specific to your symptoms and the nature and duration of any pain and jaw problems.
  2. Clinical Examination
    A complete clinical examination for a craniofacial pain problem will include the following:
    1. Postural examination to detect any musculoskeletal problems that either contribute to or are the result of the craniofacial pain  problems. The examination includes an analysis of the head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis, hands and feet among others.
    2. A cranial examination to evaluate the planes of the skull, including the alignment of the temporomandibular joints and bite plane (plane of occlusion) to the rest of the body.
    3. Dental examination to evaluate the shape and position of the dental arches, swallowing patterns, tooth wear, tooth fractures, missing teeth and existing dental restorations among others. Study models of the teeth and jaws are usually fabricated to allow a closer examination.
    4. Neurological examination to test for nerve or brain damage that may cause craniofacial symptoms.
    5. Comprehensive TMJ examination to look at the ranges of motion, speed and smoothness of the jaw movement. The TMJ’s are also checked for internal joint inflammation, pain and the presence of joint sounds.
    6. Saliva analysis to determine the quality of saliva being produced as well as the ph (acidity) of the saliva.

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