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The term dental caries is more commonly known as tooth decay and it is tooth decay which leads to the occurrence of cavities. Tooth decay and cavities are the symptoms of a bacterial infection which is sometimes referred to as a bacterial imbalance. The latest development in the fight against decay is the Carifree ™ system which is simple, non invasive screening and treatment programme.

Even though you brush your teeth and floss daily, limit sugary foods and drinks and regularly visit our team for check-ups, you might still be at risk of developing cavities. This is due to cavities being the consequence of harmful decay causing bacteria lying in a thin invisible biofilm that coats teeth. An oral biofilm is a thin film which coats and usually protects the teeth. Numerous years of scientific research has shown that there can be several destructive bacteria that line and grow in normal, healthy oral biofilm.

When these bacteria reach high levels they cause a bacterial infection leading to tooth decay and cavity formation. The cariescreen biofilm test is a simple non-invasive test suitable for both adults and children to determine if you are in the high risk category. A cotton swab is wiped across several teeth to obtain a bacterial sample. It is then placed in a hand held meter and within 30 seconds we have your result. If your result is positive a tailored treatment plan will be developed enabling you to better manage your oral health. 

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