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If you are missing one or several teeth, there is a myriad of associated oral and general health problems that can develop. When you have missing teeth, it is possible for your adjacent teeth to encroach into the vacant space and your opposing teeth to move out of alignment allowing spaces between otherwise perfectly aligned teeth to occur and thereby become crooked and hard to clean effectively. This will significantly increase your risk of developing gum disease and jaw alignment problems which can result in headaches, neck and facial pain. 

The placement of a dental bridge is still one of the most popular and effective ways of replacing missing teeth. A bridge is secured by crowns on either side of the space and fills the area with a high quality porcelain prosthetic replacement, restoring your smile, confidence and function. 

The procedure for a bridge closely resembles that for a single crown. Your supportive teeth, to which your crowns are bonded, are precisely reshaped so when your crowns and bridge are secured in place, they blend seamlessly in size and appearance with your surrounding natural teeth.

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